Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily - December 5

Tonight I got out our Fisher-Price Nativity set. Claire opened that box and exclaimed, "My Baby Jesus!".

She got it all out of the box that we store it in, then she set it up. I re-arranged it the "right" way...then she came back and played with it some more. She likes to put all of the different animals on top of the manager as the Angel. She also likes to put all the different people inside the wise mens' tents.

Since this is more or less sitting in our hallway, after she was done playing we put all the pieces in that bench except the manager & the two backgrounds since those two really fit inside the bench.

Also, this has nothing to do with the Fisher-Price Nativity set, but I love the graphics on the side of the Hallmark boxes. I think the one that says "Hang a Memory" might be about 3x4 which will be perfect to put in my Project Life album!

30 Days Of Lists
I'm joining in on the 30 Days of Lists - December Edition challenge. Each day they post a list topic and then we make a list. Here is today's list:

{Holiday} Traditions...
  • Seeing Santa
  • Painting Wooden Christmas Ornaments
  • Looking at Christmas Lights
  • Buying Hallmark Ornaments
  • New PJs on our "Christmas Eve"
  • Opening presents at my parents' on Christmas Eve
  • Making homemade Cinnamon Rolls to have Christmas morning
I say our "Christmas Eve" because it just depends on which day we have Anaya. If we have her on Christmas Day, then we get our Pajamas on actual Christmas Eve. If we have her on Christmas Eve, then we get our Pajamas on the night before Christmas Eve and we open our presents on Christmas Eve morning.

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