Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Daily - December 1

This morning we got up and decorated our Christmas tree. I turned on Christmas music and the girls did a lot of the decorating. I did have to put the star on top of the tree, but the hardest part of that is actually trying to get the cord down through the branches in such a way that is reaches an outlet.

Claire was so excited to decorate the tree this morning. We set it up last night, but we only put our new Hallmark ornaments on it, we did not get out our box of other ornaments. I had Claire wake up Anaya while I found some Christmas music to listen to on the radio. I was planning to have breakfast first, but Claire could not wait that long to start decorating the tree. She kept wanting to hang multiple ornaments on the same branch so Anaya & I were having to watch where she was putting them to make sure she didn't overload a branch. We forgot to hang up the Disney character lights until after we hung up the ornaments, so they are mostly on the back side of the tree since I wasn't going to try to wrap them around the branches that already had ornaments. Anaya kept telling Claire which ornaments were whose, but Claire was quite insistent that one of the Tinkerbell ornaments (that was Anaya's) is actually her's.

I think that will be my "story" in my album for today. We had a rather busy day. Before we even decorated the tree, while it was just Claire & I up, we started the Christmas Countdown Calendar, but I'll probably save that for some random day when we don't have much else going on. After decorating the tree & eating pancakes, we all got ready and drove out to Justin's parents' house for Thanksgiving. After spending some time with them, we drove home (it's just over an hour) where we got to start packing up all of Claire and Anaya's stuff because we're getting new carpet installed tomorrow. Then Justin had to take Anaya home to her mom and my family came over to help move the furniture out of the girls' rooms - we currently have a bed in our livingroom and a bed in our diningroom and all kinds of crap piled EVERYWHERE. We also had to rip out the carpet in those bedrooms because we opted not to pay the additional money to have the carpet installers remove & haul-away the old carpet. Since Claire's bed is taken apart and is in our diningroom, she's sleeping in my room which means I had to get her to sleep before I could run to the grocery store to get snacks for school because this is her week to bring in snack. AAAHHHHHH! But now it is almost bedtime. I just have to find my credit card so that I can make a Cyber Monday purchase when the sale starts at 11pm (midnight EST). And our Elf On The Shelf came back to visit.

30 Days Of Lists
I'm also participating in 30 Days of Lists - December Edition, I'll probably just post my list every day with my December Daily post. The lists will most likely make their way into my Project Life album since my December Daily stories will be going into my December Daily Album. Today was the first day, so here's my list:

Before the End of the Year...
  • get everything ready for the baby!
  • catch up (and stay caught up) with Project Life 2013
  • enjoy this time with Claire before the new baby
  • get lots of rest and don't over do it
  • make plans for 2014 (budget, Project Life, new car)

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