Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Daily - December 15

I have a hard time when I have two big activities on the same day, both of which I think so should go in my December Daily album because they are both so CHRISTMAS-y and traditions.

This morning, we went to visit my in-laws for Christmas. Since we only have Anaya every other weekend, it was either this weekend or the weekend after Christmas and sometimes our weekend schedule gets a little off during holiday breaks from school. And I didn't want to wait until two weeks after that because that would be getting awfully close to the little boy's due date!

Claire was most excited about the LaLaLoopsy Mermaid from Justin's parents and another LaLaLoopsy doll (Mint E. Stripes) from Justin's brother (and family). Anaya was super excited to get a CrazLoom from Justin's brother. She used one of her friend's looms and loved it. She's been making the bracelets without a loom, but has really been wanting to get a loom. This was the first Christmas for our nephew, Riley. He was mostly just into the wrapping paper and trying to eat it.

After we got home, I started cleaning up my kitchen/diningroom, making butter frosting and setting things up to have a couple of Anaya's friends & Claire decorate cookies. We ended up with just one of Anaya's friends, Anaya, Claire, my mom and & I decorating cookies. I still have about 2 dozen un-decorated cookies and bags of frosting in all three colors. The kids all made a mess, but we had a good time...and very little frosting got on the floor!

Since these are both from today, I'll probably just do a couple of pages for the 15th. I haven't actually started on my December Daily album at all. I can't decide how I want to do it. On one hand, I really like my 2012 Blurb book, but I also like my other albums that are actual paper scrapbooks. And I like seeing what other people are doing for their albums. Plus I know I'm getting a Silhouette for Christmas, so if I do an actual album I can try out cutting things out to have see-through elements. But, regardless of how I do it, because I have kept up with posting these stories, I will know what goes on each page and the stories that go along with the pictures!

30 Days Of Lists
I'm joining in on the 30 Days of Lists - December Edition challenge. Each day they post a list topic and then we make a list. Here is today's list:

I like to avoid...
  • Cleaning my house
  • Arguing with people
  • Leaving my house when it is cold/snowy/icy
  • Worrying about the future - particularly the "what ifs"

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