Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 12

Week 12: March 19-25

Here's the first page:

Here's the second page:

There's also an insert, but it's not done yet. I took my little one to see Disney on Ice so that will be on one side. Then I took the 12-yr old to see The Hunger Games and I'm waiting on some journaling from her to finish the page.

I think this is kind of cool though. We painted two rooms this weekend and I used the two paint swatches from the store as my journal card. I just trimmed them down to the right size and ran them through my printer like I do any time I print on journal cards. Now I have the writing about painting AND the actual paint colors we used instead of using up bigger slots trying to take pictures of the newly painted walls. Originally I was going to print my text on vellum or a transparency - but I was too lazy to go find one tonight.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Simplify - Kitchen

This week, Simple Mom, has challenged us to clean & declutter our pantry & fridge. I shared a little bit about the current state of each and my plan of attach on this post.

First...the Pantry!

Here's what is looked like at the beginning of the week - not horrible, but not great either. When I was cleaning it out, I found 3 half used boxes of lasagna noodles. My lasagna recipe only uses half a box and instead of ever checking, I just bought a new box each time I made lasagna...whoops!

And after some cleaning. I really only did a lot on the top three shelves. The bottom shelves got a little more organized, but nothing major. The basket on the top shelf has some snacks for my toddler in it so that I can easily pull it down and let her pick what she wants.

Next...the Fridge!

Here's the before - I needed the clean out some leftovers and the shelves were way overdue for being taken out and washed.

And the after. I ended up throwing away about half of the condiments because they had expired. We mostly use ketchup or mayo, so the mustard that I get when we're having people over ends up hanging out in the fridge forever. Also, why did we have four jars of salsa?!?!

Week 2 is DONE and my fridge hasn't looked that good since we got it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Simplify: Pantry & Fridge

This week, Simple Mom, has challenged us to clean & declutter our pantry & fridge. The organization of my pantry & fridge comes and goes based on how much my husband or one of the kids decides to "fix" it. My husband pretty much thinks that means pushing everything to the back of the pantry. My step-daughter moves things to where she thinks they go - although I have mostly broken her of this habit because then I can't find anything. And the three yr-old puts EVERYTHING on the canned goods shelf, because that is where she can reach.

A before picture of each place...

I actually do have quite a few plastic containers meant for holding some of this stuff, I've just gotten lazy recently and haven't been using them.

The leftovers need to go and it's probably time to check through the condiments for expiration dates.

Plan of attack:
Throw away any food that is expired.
Pull everything out of pantry & clean the shelves
Return items to pantry - put things in the plastic tubs instead of being lazy
Pull everything out of fridge and quickly clean the shelves (maybe just move things around so as to not worry about spoilage).
Return items to fridge in orderly fashion.

We'll see how it goes...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 10

Week 10: March 5 - 11

Wow! It's already week 10 and I am still keeping up with this project. I'm definitely loving the process of picking & editing my pictures on Sunday or Monday night and then picking them up the next day. Unfortunately the Target that I normally use is going through a re-model so I had to order from Walgreens this week. The pictures from (my) Walgreens are a teeny tiny bit smaller than 6 inches and they are darker. If the Target photolab is still closed next week I'll have to try some where else.

Since I knew I was going to fill most of my slots with pictures this week and not have much room for journaling, I did a little journaling a couple of my pictures. I downloaded a couple of the fonts that I saw on The Lilypad Blog and used them this week. Love it! I really feel like this week is a better mix of kid pictures and life pictures. Although I suppose I really ought to include a few of my husband eventually!

I also love the insert that I made this week. I'm really loving Becky's 6x12 page protectors - this week's insert is about our trip to the zoo. The bottom of the 6x12 insert will have another picture, but I decided that I wanted a different picture instead - a collage of some of the animals we saw.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project Simplify - Kid's Clothing

Simple Mom is hosting Project Simplify this month and the first hotspot was kids' stuff.

That worked out well for me because the consignment sale that I like to consign at is the last week of March, so this got me going with my organizing & pricing early! However, in the interest of being honest all of the clothing that is NOT in their rooms is now in tubs around the perimeter of our master bedroom.

Here's what we started with in each girl's closet:

After Pictures:

I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted too; the week somehow got away from me - it was suddenly Friday! But the clothing that doesn't fit is all out of their closets. And most of it is priced and ready to go for the consignment sale later this month. And soon, all of the "winter" items that I have to hold on to until the next sale will be folded and stored nicely in tubs...maybe.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 9

Week 9: Feb 27 - March 4

I had to go back and count the number of weeks to figure out which week this was. I have done all the weeks leading up to this week, I just haven't posted anything about them. Maybe eventually, but probably not.

I have a couple of things I have noticed as I have worked on Project Life this year. Almost my entire layout every week is of my daughter, well every other week is also about my step-daughter since she's only here every other weekend. I feel like I ought to make at least one of two of the pictures be not kiddo focused. I'm not sure what I want to do instead though because let's face it, I LOVE the pictures of my kiddo. Last night I took a picture of our dinner, so maybe that will make it into the week 10 layout as my non-kid picture. I just feel like since this is our only scrapbook right now, that maybe it shouldn't entirely revolve around a 3 yr old - although that is pretty accurate as to what my life is like right now.

Normally I leave my date cards alone. This is my third year of Project Life and I think this is only the second time that I have EVER put anything on "date" card. And the first time was last week when I put a picture on it. This week I used some number stickers from the Cobalt core kit and wrote a couple lines about the corresponding pictures which are marked with white number stickers. The corresponding pictures are all in the insert.

I still want to put something on the picture of Claire & I playing with the iPad. We had just gotten a new app, an amazing app that we both LOVE, Draw & Tell by Duck Duck Moose. It is awesome. Anyways, I'll probably add a label of some sort.

Close up of the journaling on the "date" card.

The paper for my insert is some cardstock from the Turquoise kit. I'm not a huge fan of pattern paper these days so I didn't buy the Cobalt paper pack. This is actually the first sheet out of the Turquoise kit that I have used.