Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Daily - December 14

Today we got just a little bit of snow. They kept changing the forecast. At first, it was going to be icy on Friday (so I ended up working a half-day from home) but then it didn't do anything until much later Friday. At one point they said we'd get 2"-4", with the heaviest stuff starting around 6pm Friday night. But sometime around 7pm, they changed it to just a dusting to 1" for our area. I like to refer to these as the "Snow Storm that Wasn't". It's hard to tell, but there is actually of dusting of snow on the deck in the picture.

However, the roads & sidewalks were a bit icy today, so I stayed home and baked. A lot. I made two batches of sugar cookies for the kids to decorate tomorrow afternoon. And I made the most ridiculous bread ever, Chocolate Babka. I should've let it rise longer, but I was ready to be done making it. It's VERY delicious, it just probably should've risen longer, particularly after the loaves were formed.

30 Days Of Lists
I'm joining in on the 30 Days of Lists - December Edition challenge. Each day they post a list topic and then we make a list. Here is today's list:

Stocking up on...
  • Butter/Cream Cheese/Chocolate Chips
  • Freezer Meals
  • Wrapping Paper & Scotch Tape
  • Diapers/Wipes
Some of these things are because of the holidays, some are in preparation of having a baby in January.

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