Friday, December 13, 2013

December Daily - December 13

One of our Christmas time traditions is to paint ornaments. When we started this Anaya loved it, Justin didn't and I was indifferent to it. I mean, it was my idea, but I'm not really into painting so I didn't care all that much about actually doing it. Now, Justin still doesn't like it, Anaya is 14 and more or less over it, Claire doesn't care much about painting, but I make us keep doing it because it's a tradition! It's what we DO! According to Justin & Anaya, I told them last year that we weren't doing it again, but I don't remember that and it's so fun to pull out the past year's ornaments that we painted.

Therefore, while dinner was in the oven, we sat down and painted our ornaments. Justin's isn't quite done yet, he needed his paint to dry before he could finish it. Claire painted the orange Reindeer (all by herself, all we did was put paint on her paper plate). Anaya did the red owl. Mine is the snowman (or woman?). And Justin's ornament is the monkey.

30 Days Of Lists
I'm joining in on the 30 Days of Lists - December Edition challenge. Each day they post a list topic and then we make a list. Here is today's list:

I get excited when....
  • Things go the way I plan
  • A song comes on the radio that I like
  • I cross things off my to-do list
  • I get mail that isn't bills

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