Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recipe: Gingersnaps

On Saturday, my sister-in-law made Gingersnaps. I didn't know it at the time, my brother told us about it on Sunday but didn't bring us any to share! So I went home and made my own batch of Gingersnaps later than evening. (And then my mom made Gingersnaps on Monday).

Since I don't particularly have a Gingersnap recipe, I searched online and found Smitten Kitchen's recipe. Since her stuff is always delicious, I decided to just use it instead of searching anymore.


I baked my cookies for about 11-12 minutes and they were just right. A little crisp on the edges but nice and chewy in the middle. Justin thought they were too crisp (he likes gooey almost under-baked cookies). I thought they were great. However, my tongue started getting tingly after having a few. Not sure if it was because of the white pepper or the fancy (expensive) ground ginger that I used. My mom didn't use white pepper in hers because she didn't have any and her's weren't quite as spicy. But she also used a different brand of ground ginger. So who knows.

I was playing with my cookies and different ways to take pictures of them and ended up with them all piled up and framed it so the stack would be on the far right of the picture...then I did this in photoshop:

gingersnap recipe picture

Kind of fun. I think this would be fun with a recipe you are particularly known for to include in a scrapbook. Or to just use as a recipe card - print as a 6x4 and you have a pretty & functional recipe card. I just stacked them on a cloth napkin on my counter and then balanced a piece of white foam board against the cabinets behind it.


  1. that is a cute recipe card. You could print a whole bunch of your favorite recipes and hand them out as a gift. just an idea. I have a copy of Mom's ginger cookies (Soft and not crisp), the ones with the white perils on them. If you want a copy let me know. You should ask Matt why I didn't bring any to share..... They magically disappeared. He hijacked them and took them down to his dungeon and I never saw them again. If I am being honest, If I did have some, I probably wouldn't share b/c they are that good. LOL ;) XOXO Kimbi (evil sister-in-Law)

    1. I only baked 15 of them when I made the dough. And I have 3.5 dozen already rolled into balls and frozen waiting to be baked later.

  2. That is such a good idea. I should start doing that.