Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Claire was so excited to go Trick-or-Treating tonight. She dressed up like a Fairy. It is the same costume that she wore to RenFest, although I did buy a new dress & leggings to wear under the fairy skirt & wings.


She pretty much refused to have anything to do with looking at the camera. We walked around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes. While we were talking, I let Claire dictate which direction we went and which houses we went to (as long as their outside lights were on). Then her pumpkin was full enough that I kept having to carry it, so I said that we were done and it was time to take over the candy passing out duties at home.


At one of the houses we went to, there was a BIG guy and he was dressed up like Frankenstein (green skin & all). When Claire saw him through the door, she started backing up into me. I thought we might be done at that point, but then a woman that was at the house opened the door and gave her candy and Claire refused to talk and then we moved on to the next house. As we were leaving I saw Frankenstein go outside and stand in the shadowy part of their driveway to scare other trick-or-treaters. I'm glad he was still inside as we were walking up to the door - that might've freaked us both out!


Claire was quite happy with her bucket full of candy. We ended up dumping it out on the table and her first choice of things to eat was a tootsie pop. She got two pieces tonight and we'll probably continue to let her have a little bit here & there for the next few weeks. We left her school Halloween candy at Grandma's house for her to let her have during the day when she is there.

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