Friday, October 26, 2012

Bieber Fever

I had planned to take Anaya to see Justin Bieber. I knew when the tickets went on sale way back in whatever month that was, but I was out doing something at 10am when they went on sale and by the time I got to a computer, all of the tickets were gone. So we looked at "Ticket Re-sellers" which is fancy term for ticket scalpers. And they were so expensive and it wasn't really worth it to me or Justin (my Justin, not Justin Bieber, I don't think he cared at all if Anaya came to his concert although I don't think our Justin cared at all either). And then it got closer to the concert date...and closer...and then it was the night before and there were some OK tickets for a price I would be willing to pay. There comes a point when you stop thinking "am I really paying that much for tickets to a concert" and instead consider it an experience that she will (hopefully) remember for a long long time. But Justin (my Justin) said no.

The concert was tonight. And at about 6:30pm, Anaya's friend texts her and says that that Sprint Center website had tickets available (for normal, non-scalper price)! I went upstairs to look and there weren't any tickets available anymore. But then I got to looking around and found tickets that were still over priced, but not as much as the other ones that I had seen. The concert started at 7pm, we missed the entire opening act. Carly Rae Jepson was playing her very last song as we were walking up the stairs in the Sprint Center. About 30 minutes later, Justin's part of the concert started - so at least we didn't miss any of that. And our seats were pretty good. We were in the back row of our section, but I kind of liked that there was no one sitting behind us, kicking our seats, and wishing Anaya would sit down.


As we were driving to the Sprint Center, Anaya called/texted all of her friends to tell them. They were excited for her, but they all hated her too. Their parents probably hated me too because now their kids were all irritated. The concert started and Anaya screamed. Justin came out and Anaya screamed. Justin sang and Anaya screamed. It is really quite amazing that I can hear at all. At one point, Justin asked all the audience to make some noise, and EVERYONE screamed. Then he said the Chicago concert audience was louder, and everyone screamed LOUDER.


Anaya had her experience. Now let's hope she remembers it for a long long time. Because it will take a long long time to convince me to ever do such a thing again.

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