Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Last weekend we went to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. RenFest is one of those things that I lived perfectly happily without for years and years and years. It truly did not even occur to me to go. Until Anaya wanted to go and that was two years ago. So this is our third year going to RenFest and I could still probably live without it, but Anaya likes it and sometimes you do things for the kids that you personally could live without. Plus on scale that weighs the kids enjoyment versus the painfulness to me, this one is definitely more enjoyable for the kids that it is painful for me. (Worlds of Fun is currently more heavily weighted on the painful to me side which is why regardless of how much Anaya has begged we still haven't gone. I'm mostly hopeful that someone else will take her and I won't have to.)


We all had a pretty good time. I was done way before Claire or Anaya were done, but that's probably because I was the one that kept having to pay for everything. And wrangle the toddler. One funny thing did happen while we were there...the children grew tails! Very strange.


And Claire loved the fairy garden. She has all the sudden become interested in TinkerBell & fairies. We've watched TinkerBell movies, we've read TinkerBell books. Now she is saying that she wants to be a Fairy for Halloween instead of Doc McStuffins like we've been talking about.


I probably could've let the kids ride more of the rides. Anaya rode the Crow's Nest by herself and then again with Claire. I was just hesitant to put Claire on them. But oh well, we had fun and spent more money than I meant to, but that's what RenFest is for...right?!?!


  1. If I knew Anaya badly wanted to go to WOF, I would be taking her. I can't get Matt to go b/c he hates rollercoasters. Since I won't be pregnant next year, maybe I can take Anaya with me to Fright Night. She lights haunted houses right? Looks like the kids had a great time... I personally can live without Ren Fest. :) Love,Kimbi

    1. Likes not Lights. LOL

    2. Anaya would probably love you forever if you would take her to WOF.