Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Project Life: Week 38

Week 38: Sept 17-23

I barely took any pictures this week. Not sure why exactly, but most of my pictures where of the foods we ate for dinner. So no inserts, nothing terribly special, just a nice little 2-pg spread. All of the pictures on the right were taken on Sunday. This is the weekend when I bought Claire the playhouse, so I wrote a little bit about getting it for her and how much she loves it.

Week 38 (13)

I think as it is getting darker earlier, I'm going to have to experiment more with photoshop before ordering pictures. I really ought to at least start running the "auto color" adjustment on ones taken inside in the evening. Not that any of these pictures are orangy, but the picture of the layout was VERY orange originally.

So excited to be almost caught up! I have the pictures printed for Week 39, I just need to get them all put in, so I'll probably post it later this week and then I really will be all caught up! Also, I really love this project. So many more pictures off of my computer since I started it.

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  1. Great layout. Love the collage of foods and the playhouse.

  2. hello! I have come by way of PRL class :) Your PL looks great and you have lots of wonderful photos :) See you in class!