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Project Life: Week 36

Week 36: Sept 3 - 9

This was another busy busy week. Anaya had her first softball game this week. We went to the Old Settlers Day festival/carnival in Olathe. We went Apple Picking. And all of that actually happened within about 26 hours. Wow.

I had a little fun with getting a new phone this week. I was going to get an iPhone, but then (after getting it) figuring out some limitations the iPhone 4S has on the Sprint network - ended up returning it and getting an HTC EVO 3G LTE. The Monday here, was actually Labor Day, but I wasn't feeling well so we mostly hung out at home playing with our respective electronic devices (Claire: iPad, Anaya: Computer, Justin: Cell Phone, Jenni: Cell Phone).

Week 36 (1)

I ended up with two inserts this week. The front of the first insert is about Anaya's first softball games. There is journaling on the picture of the three girls running away from the camera, but since it had team information I blurred it out.

The back of the first insert has pictures from Olathe's Old Settler's Days festival. After Anaya's softball game, she asked if we could go. I was going to say no, but then I said okay for a little while, and then since the ride lines were so long, I ended up taking Anaya back up there after Claire went to bed. Then I stood around and watched Anaya to make sure nothing bad happened - because crazy things have been known to happen at festivals, even in KS. And I ate a giant piece of Chocolate Covered Cheesecake on a Stick all by myself and it was delicious.

Week 36 (3)

The front of the second insert is about our Sunday morning trip to the Apple Orchard to pick apples. I didn't really include much text, just a few of my favorite pictures.

The back of the second insert if just some pictures from playing in the backyard on Sunday afternoon. I love the picture of the hot air balloon flying overhead. I had my dad's telephoto zoom lens so I could get that really awesome close-up of it. Claire loves hot air balloons, so we spent a lot of time running around the house looking at them (there were actually a few flying around that night).

Week 36 (6)

The rest of the layout is just random pictures. Claire's first dentist appointment was on Saturday morning. Also, Saturday was a wee bit busy 1) Claire's dentist appointment, 2) go to Sprint Store to exchange phone, 3) Anaya's softball game (5 HOURS including driving there & back), 4) Old Settler's Days, 5) Dinner & put Claire to bed, 6) More Old Settler's Days (until 11pm!).

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