Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Life: Week 37

Week 37: Sept 10-16

How awesome is it that it is October 3, and I already have most of the year's memories in a book? It seriously makes me so happy to be able to look back at pictures of things we did earlier this year and not just by sitting at my computer clicking through files, but actually sit down and look at them.

We're getting into our normal school year routine around here again. And it is already getting dark so much earlier that I notice I am not taking as many pictures during the week. One night this week, Claire and I made cookies...and ate cookies. Lots of cookies. Since Claire was enthused with Anaya's batting helmet, we saw one at Target that was on clearance for $3 so we went ahead and got it for it. It's BRIGHT pink, reminds me of a hard hat that I used to have! We also got her a toddler size baseball glove since she's always trying to shove her hand in one of the big gloves.

Week 37 (1)

Only one insert this week, entirely about Anaya's second weekend of softball. She's loving it so much. So excited that she finally got the opportunity to play a sport. And she's doing pretty good (for having no experience), she's hit the ball a couple of times, not great at catching yet, but that's more lack of paying attention to the ball than skill.

Week 37 (4)

My sister-in-law is so cute pregnant. At this point, she was about 36 weeks I think. That baby is coming soon and I can't wait! I finally get to be an aunt and buy all the really annoying toys! On Sunday night, I went to check on Claire and she wasn't in her bed, finally found her sleeping in her pile of stuff animals.

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  1. Claire looks so cute with her helmet and mitt. That stuffed animal pile looks like the perfect place to nap.