Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life: Week 39

Week 39: Sept 24 - 30

This week was busier than last week. A lot of just fun pictures from around the house/backyard for the main 2-page spread. Claire has been wanting to sleep in my bed recently so I included a picture of her taking up most of the bed in the morning.

Week 39 (1)
The first insert is about Anaya's last softball game this year. I finally got a decent picture of her batting. Then I got a picture of Claire & Justin watching the game.

Later on Saturday we went to Hobby Lobby and stopped by the "pumpkin patch" in their parking lot. I have real pumpkin patch plans, but by the time we go, the good pumpkins might be gone and this place had some REALLY nice pumpkins.

Week 39 (4)

On Sunday we weren't having lunch with my parents, so we went to RenFest.

Week 39 (5)

I took this picture of me laying in bed reading and since I do this almost every night before bed, I decided to include it. I also took Friday afternoon off work and got a pedicure...I went with a Halloween theme! Claire loves Disney princesses, she had picked out these wall stickers earlier so Anaya helped her put them up on her wall.

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