Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Life: Week 40

Week 40: October 1 - 7

I'm slowly falling behind again. Here it is the end of the month and I just finished up the spread for the first week. Oh well. I've been exploring different print options so that has kind of messed up my schedule. The prints from Target have gone down in quality...a lot...since their remodel. They changed out the printing machine. So I tried Costco, but that required my brother's help since I didn't want to buy a membership just to see if I liked their picture quality. It was also slower because it required my brother's help and well, yeah. But here's week 40 and I have the pictures for week 41 sitting on my desk (ordered from HyVee this time).

A couple of pictures of Claire playing with her toys on the table. This week Claire had to take in snack for her class - GoGoSqueeze Applesauce. My mom & I went to the American Royal BBQ competition thanks to free tickets from work.

Week 40 (2)

Two inserts this week, the first one is about going to a pumpkin patch on Saturday morning. It was 45 degrees, not my preferred weather, but Claire and I went to Deanna Rose Farmstead's pumpkin patch anyways. Claire loved the haybale slide and luckily we got there at a pretty good time and left just as a big group that was having a birthday party showed up.

Week 40 (3)

The second insert is just a couple of 4x6 pictures from hanging out at my mom's house on Sunday afternoon. A couple of pictures of my brother and sister-in-law. And of Claire riding her tricycle and chasing grandma on it.

Week 40 (6)

I also did a lot of baking on Saturday & Sunday. I made two kinds of donuts: Apple Cider and Chocolate. Then I baked Gingersnaps on Sunday evening while Justin was carving a Tinkerbell pumpkin.

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  1. Great layout. Love the pumpkin patch pictures.
    I've been looking into printing options too. I usually go to CVS, but I've noticed that the pictures print pretty dark and they seem to cut the pictures smaller than they should. I hate to go and order from Shutterfly or somewhere similar just to get decent pictures, but I may end up doing just that.