Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Claire's House

On Saturday, I helped my parent's with their garage sale. I ended up spending more at one of their neighbor's garage sales than I made (from my stuff) at my parent's garage sale. I got this awesome Little Tikes Country Cottage from their neighbor for $20! That's a very good deal it you didn't know.

Claire loves her little house. She goes in. She comes out. She talks on the play phone. She runs around her house. According to the guy that we got it from, we'll probably get around 2 yrs before she out grows it. We'll see. I think she'll have to start ducking to get through the door before too long.


It's sitting on the patio for now because Justin doesn't want me to kill another section of "his" grass. He has really decided that the yard is HIS this year. Luckily, I've already killed a section of grass where my garden was, so I think we're going to pull up the stakes holding the frame around it and put the playhouse there. We'll need to do something about the ground because it's just dirt and weeds right now.

I've also been thinking about giving it a little remodel. I've seen a lot of things online in the past few days (since I got the playhouse) about painting it with spray paint that is made for plastic. Go here to see an example. I think it could be cute...but I haven't convinced myself that it is worth my time & effort.

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