Friday, July 6, 2012

31 Before I'm 31

There's this thing going around the blog world - at lest the blogs that I read - where on their birthday people make a list of things they want to do before their next birthday. The number of things on the list is the age you'll be on your next birthday. And since I am kind of a follower, I decided to do it too!

So, we're going to call this my 31 things I would like to do before I'm 31. Now, in the interest of honesty, I've had this list on my mind for a while, but my birthday was back in April, and now it's July. Some of them have been done in the past 2.5 months and some of them are things I just thought of as I was writing my list. I also didn't include anything that I really may want to do, but I know it just isn't going to happen this year, like going to Disneyland/world. I wanted my list to be mostly reasonable, not outrageous where I would be setting myself up to not be able to complete them.

The List

  1. Make a Cheesecake from scratch
  2. Run (not walk) an entire 5K
  3. Take a photography class (online or in-person)
  4. Take Ali Edward's 31 Things story tellng class - IN PROGRESS: the class was May 17 - June 16, I took the class, but only finished about half of it.
  5. Continue with Project Life 2012 - IN PROGRESS: PL Layout Posts
  6. Clean out the basement room
  7. Bake cookies at work - DONE 7/2/2012
  8. Complete Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
  9. Find reason to hang out with friends at least once of month
  10. Go to the Nelson Atkins Museum
  11. Repaint master bedroom & bathroom
  12. Make 6 kinds of Pie - IN PROGRESS: Peach Pie, Apple Pie
  13. Read 12 non-fiction books (ideally one per month)
  14. Finish PL 2009
  15. Go to KC Market
  16. Stop biting my fingernails (yes it is nasty, I know)
  17. Take an adult swimming stroke improvement class
  18. Update blog regularly throughout the week (approx 20-25 posts per month)
  19. Finish December Daily Album from 2011
  20. Go to the Aquarium - DONE 4/28/2012
  21. Take a scrapbooking class through Big Picture Classes - IN PROGRESS: Taking Becky Higgins Project Real Life class
  22. Mail a card/letter to someone every month (starting in July)
  23. Rent an expensive camera lens for the weekend - DONE 10/20/2012 Calling this done, although I borrowed from a friend instead of rented from a company
  24. Go Camping-ish
  25. Host a charity bake sale type thing?
  26. Make 12 different kinds of cupcakes
  27. Invite people to my house
  28. Tour the Roasterie Coffee plant
  29. Go to a wine tasting (yes in KS)
  30. Visit Science City - DONE 8/1/2012 (Vacation Day 1)
  31. Become an Aunt (coming Oct 2012)

Let's see how many of these I can't get crossed off my list by April 24, 2013! Obviously a lot of them won't be crossed off until next April since they involving doing something EVERY month, but that's ok. And if everything doesn't get crossed off, that is okay too. And okay, number 31 really doesn't have MUCH to do with me really, but oh well.

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