Monday, July 2, 2012

Menu Monday

I've actually already re-arranged the menu plan, but I figure it doesn't count if I haven't posted it online yet. We've had Hoagies on the menu for 2 or 3 weeks and we still haven't actually had them. Mostly because I schedule it for the weekend, so when I make my mid-week grocery run I don't buy the deli meat, but then I don't feel like going to the store on Saturday. We'll see if we end up having them this week.

Monday - Steak, tots, jello
Tuesday - Ravioli, garlic bread
Wednesday - 4th of July at my mom's (bringing an Apple Pie)
Thursday - Breakfast Casserole
Friday - Chicken Nuggets, Mac & Cheese
Saturday - Mexican Chicken Parmesan, Rice
Sunday - Hoagies

The only new recipe is the Mexican Chicken Parmesan. I'll probably change the name of it if I decide to keep the recipe around because it doesn't have Parmesan on it. It's just the same basic concept as Chicken Parmesan, but Mexican style.

On the 4th, I am making my first ever Apple Pie. I've already found a recipe and bought the apples. Now I just need to get my mom's food processor and a pie bird (because my brother is insisted that my pie needs a pie bird).

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  1. Mexican Chicken Parmesan sounds good! I hope you share a recipe if it turns out!