Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Life: Week 29

Week 29: July 16-22

I loved this week. Not just the layout, but I loved this actual week when we were living it. And if I didn't have this project, I would forget about how much I loved this week. I would remember having some friends over for dinner, drinks and games. But I might not remember Claire and their daughter chasing each other on the trampoline. Or that trying to teach slightly tipsy people how to play Ticket To Ride does not always go so well, particularly if you're slightly tipsy yourself. And I might remember going to the mall...in general. But I wouldn't remember Anaya & her friend seeing the Justin Bieber stand-up poster at the mall and posing with it (even though Anaya's picture is blurry - whoops). I wouldn't remember how excited Claire was to get her Alvin build-a-'bear' and Simon & Jeanette. I probably wouldn't remember how much Claire LOVES the carousel. I would eventually forget setting up my old tent in the livingroom and Claire HATING the very idea of getting in it. And yes, that is a picture of Claire's NEW clean underwear that she's been wearing because we're finally potty training her. Eventually it would turn into just underwear because underwear is not exciting, except for when you have underwear instead of diapers.

Week 29 (1)

There's an insert in here of our trip to the mall on the front and the game night we had with my friends from college on the back.

Week 29 (2)
This journaling card in our of those things I would forget if not for this project...I wrote it during the actual week 29, put it in my album and COMPLETELY forget about it until I was putting this week's pictures in their slots. Good thing I had one unplanned 3x4 slot or I would've had to leave out a picture. I didn't have any pictures from going to the pool, but Claire finally started going down the kids slide. She wasn't good at waiting her turn.

Week 29 (3)

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  1. I also love how it's the little things that you capture through PL and yay for big girl panties! When my daughter went from pull ups to panties I think Mama was the most excited about it.