Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Life 2009

I'm working on Project Life 2009. Yes, I know it is 2012 but the only scrapbooking that I did in 2009 was Claire's baby book, which I didn't even finish. I think I got to month 9 or 10 and then did nothing else. Anyways, I want to scrapbook some other stuff from 2009 and decided to go ahead and order the Clementine Binder and a second set of page protectors. Then sometime early this year, I sat down and picked and ordered pictures for January through the beginning of May 2009.

I have three weeks mostly done. I haven't figured out how I'm including the dates/week yet. I didn't buy a core kit for this album, so whatever I do it'll be something I make. I might just get a set of 3x4 grid cards and stamp the date/week on each one with some journaling. For now, I still have little green sticky notes on each page to keep track of my dates. Since I have filled every pocket, I'll probably end up clearing out one 3x4 pocket for the date card. We'll see. It's something that I will have to keep in mind when I order my next batch of pictures.

week 1
The first week of 2009, I was hugely pregnant with Claire. Seriously, I was so freaking BIG. Claire was due Jan 26, so I still had about 3 weeks to go. I was still doing a lot of "normal" things. I went to work. We had Anaya's friends over quite a bit (although now we have one of Anaya's friends spending at least 12 of every 24 hours here). Preparing the nursery for the baby. And lots and lots of MarioKart. I got to the point that no one could beat me - I had a lot of time on my hands back then.

week 2
Due to some worries about extra fluid, I was induced and Claire was born about a week and half early! I included a couple of pictures of earlier in the week of Anaya at the library and of her missing tooth, but this week is mostly about having a new baby.

week 3
During Week 3 we were still pretty impressed with Claire. Let's face it, this is my first born and I was on maternity leave spending every single moment with her. 2009 is a lot about Claire. When I was going to pull the pictures I felt a little sorry about not taking many pictures of Anaya. I notice that I still do this, but at this point it is more because Anaya is almost 13 and is doing her own thing while Claire is only 3 and doesn't mind if I sit there playing games with her and taking a bunch of pictures.

I kind of wish that I was doing Project Life back then. That might have made me think more about taking every day life pictures. I was taking a lot of "Look how cute my baby is" pictures.

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