Friday, July 27, 2012

Tell Your Story - Photography Challenge 3

I had this post ready to go and pictures taken, but then Jenny Meyerson ended up not doing the link up (which is fine, she has her own life), but I wasn't sure if I still wanted to post this since it was part of the link up anymore. But oh goes! Not all of these pictures are new ones from the past few weeks. So if something looks out of season, that is why.

tys 3

1. A favorite outfit
This summer, I have been LOVING skirts. I wear them to work at least once a week and when I wear jeans to work, I almost always change into a skirt when I get home. They are just so comfy. I wear this (or something similar) at least once a week to work. Jersey knit skirt & a nice shirt - I love this particularly shirt, I got it as a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law, such an awesome shirt.

2. What and how you read
I LOVE to read. I read lots of different things, although right now I am going through a romantic mystery phase. Lots of Stephanie Bond, Janet Evanovich and a few other authors. I get most of my books from library since I read so much and I don't usually re-read. I do occasionally buy a book at Target or buy an e-book thru the Kindle App on my phone. I like e-reading because it is easy to take a book everywhere with me, particularly since I use my phone as my e-reader.

3. Something round
This is Claire's water table. One night I started setting all of Noah's animals up around the edge of the table and Claire helped. I spaced them so that they would be evenly spaced. Turned into a pretty fun picture.

4. First thing you see in the morning when you wake up
I suppose my alarm is actually the FIRST thing I see when I wake up, but I usually hit the snooze button until it is either absolutely time to get out of bed if I don't want to be late, or this one comes in to say hi. She is a cute alarm clock. And sometimes she'll cuddle with me for a little bit before I have to actually get out of bed.

5. Your workplace
I'm a software developer. I spend 85% of my work day sitting at my computer. I wish there was a way to make it sound more exciting, but there's not really. And we're not really allowed to take pictures of work. Although, it's not my job anymore, but here's a picture of something awesome that I used to do...and now I can't even find a picture of it...but here's a picture of another project that I worked on for them. This is a light grid on a "christmas tree" (metal triangle) and I used to write both the software used to control it AND the actual light shows that are shown on it. Pretty cool, right? I've also been known to program Christmas lights to music but shhh, it's a secret because I don't put anywhere close to that much effort into my own house.

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