Monday, July 2, 2012

Project Life: Week 25

Week 25: June 18 - 24

I looked at my pictures from this week and discovered I had a few from every night that we were outside playing in the water table, and pictures of our dinner, and that was pretty much it.

week 25 (2)
I liked the little set of pictures that I made for this post about the water table, so I made something similar along the bottom of both pages with labels on each picture of which day it was taken.

week 25 (5)
I also liked last week's collage picture of our dinner's for the week, this time I had four dinner pictures, so I made 2x3 crops. Instead of the recipe name, I put the date on each picture. And this week I finally bought Claire a Mermaid (she now has three, but this was her first Mermaid and first Barbie). She's been seeing kids playing with mermaids are the pool, and whenever a kid leaves one laying somewhere, she goes and picks it up. So tonight I bought her a one of her own.

week 25 (1)
Justin bought me some "just because" flowers - I love Spider Mums, they might be my favorite bouquet flower. I made a new muffin recipe and they were yummy. In the picture where Claire is sitting on me while I'm holding the iPad, I was trying to buy an app for her, but she kept hitting letters whenever I would go to type in my password. My attempts to get her to leave it alone were making her giggle. Justin took that picture. So great to have non-posed pictures of Claire and I. Usually any pics of the two of us are taken using my camera's timer.

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