Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Claire likes to watch the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Jr. The show has been on for a while, but in a way not like Disney at all, they haven't had any Pirate toys come out until just the past few months. I had resisted buying any of them once they were out because I had just bought three Barbie Mermaids because she was/is really into Mermaids.

The other night, we were all up at Target and Claire was looking at the Jake's Spy Glass toy. Due to how it was packaged, she couldn't look through the spy glass unless we bought it and took it that's what we did. Now we have a little pirate running around here.

It also came with a bandana (velcros in the back). I got Claire to wear it for a picture, but I haven't actually seen it since then. Although Anaya was running around wearing it, so maybe she has it still. Yes, sometimes the toddler loses toys because the 12-yr-old steals them. Of course, the opposite happens too. And it came with a map. Claire LOVES maps. I'm not entirely sure why, but she does. When we got to the mall, she'll run up to the mall map and just stare at it. When we go to Deanna Rose Park, she'll run up to all the maps and tell me something about them. She was quite impressed with having a Neverland Map. She was pointing things out and saying...something...about it. Then she'd hold it out to me and say "Map!". So cute.

Maybe she'll be a Pirate for Halloween this year. Although who knows what she'll like 3.5 months!

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