Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Website Review: Zenni Optical

I love Zenni Optical - https://www.zennioptical.com/. They are awesome, particularly if you have kids that wear glasses, because let's face it: glasses are EXPENSIVE, even with insurance.

I've been ordering glasses from Zenni for about 4 years I think. The first order, was just glasses for Anaya. Her prescription had changed not terribly long after her mom had bought her a couple pairs of glasses. Since she was living with us at the time, we were going to be buying the glasses and I couldn't bring myself to pay what our eye doctor charged for glasses.

I learned about Zenni from one of my favorite bloggers, Mir, on her blog WantNot.net, she reviewed them in January of 2008, our first order was in May of 2008 and we have continued ordering from them about every 6 months ever since. In fact, I just placed our third order this year - mostly because I suck and don't think about ordering Justin & myself each a pair of prescription sunglasses when I ordered a pair for Anaya.

They ship them in a padded waterproof envelope with each pair wrapped in a soft cleaning cloth and in a hard plastic case so that they are (hopefully) not damaged during shipping. Now, I'm not going to say I love every single pair of glasses that I have every gotten from them. In fact, the pair that I ordered for myself that I just got last week, I hate them. It's not Zenni's fault unless I want to blame them for not being able to try the glasses on before I buy them, but such is the internet. And I could call and get a return number and mail them back to them and get a 50% review (which isn't bad considering the lens are my prescription), but when they only cost $6.95 in the first place, I don't think the effort is worth $3.50. Plus, even though I don't LIKE them, I could still wear them if something terrible were to happen to my normal pair.

They have a ton of different styles starting at just $6.95 up through about $50 I think. They also have transition lens which we've gotten a few times. And they can apply a tint, we've only gotten one pair of tinted lens to far, but we have two more pairs on order right now. They have different colored tints which we haven't tried because I neglected to mention that to Anaya, otherwise I'm fairly certain she would've wanted colored lens instead of normal sunglasses.

Just a few of our Zenni glasses throughout the years:

Also, just so you know, I am in no way associated with Zenni Optical and every pair of glasses that I have gotten from them I have paid for - although not much because their glasses cheap! And not bad cheap where they fall apart, good cheap where they just don't cost much money.


  1. The glasses look great. Could you tell me the model No.? I know their price and quality are great. Have ordered 2 pairs from them, but didn't find this pair on their website.

    1. The style # is 261117. That is actually the pair I didn't care for because the frames ended up being way wider than I thought they would be. They're very cute, but too wide for my head unfortunately. :)