Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer To Do List

Last week, I posted my Summer Vacation 2012 list. Well, I added a few more things to my list and found a fun way to display it - not only the list, but I included pictures for Claire to pick something to do.


Now I just have to remind myself that we have 2.5 months to do it all. Because I keep thinking I need to do it all NOW. The pool opened last Saturday and we went Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Claire and I went to a park on Monday morning. We played with water balloons all weekend - Claire has learned to say "Water Balloon". We've already been out to Deanna Rose Farmstead - twice this year. I have a concert in a "park" figured out that takes place in a couple of weeks. We had actually already been to the farmers' market before I even posted my list. As we do things, I am checking them off using a dry erase marker on the glass of the picture frame. The actual list is written in permanent marker on the paper.


The underlined things are the things that Anaya is particularly interested in doing. Since she is only here every other weekend and we're not going to just sit and do nothing on the weekends she isn't here and then rush to do everything when she is here; we sat down with the list and underlined the things she really wanted to do. We had to prioritize a little bit. For the pictures for Claire to choose an activity, I made sure the pictures did not include any other people. Seems a little unfair to Anaya that there are now thirteen pictures of Claire on our "to do" list, but at least this way she doesn't think that whenever she wants to go jump on the trampoline that Sissy will be there.


And while I'm glad we're actively trying to do things on the list. And it would definitely be better to do it all early rather than it get to be August and have nothing checked off. I just need to remember that we don't need to cram everything into the first couple of weeks.


Printable Summer To-Do Paper from Eighteen25. They have other color options, I just happen to LOVE teal. My printer only prints up to 8.5 inches, so I opened their printables in Photoshop and trimmed them down to 8.5x11. Then I attempted to line up the pattern of the pages. I printed one top sheet and two of the bottom sheet.

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  1. look how creative you are! that is such a fun idea for the little ones. thanks for sharing.