Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tell Your Story - A Photography Challenge 1

Jenny Meyerson recently offered up a photo challenge to tell our story through photos.

The assignment was to take 5 photos of:

1. Your morning routine.
2. The contents of something you carry around on a frequent basis.
3. A thing that you pass everyday that you have never taken a picture of.
4. Your happy place.
5. Someone who makes you smile.

I LOVE this idea. I may or may not succeed each month that she throws out this challenge, but I like the idea of it. It helps me with ideas of things that I take for granted that I might want to include in my project life album. And without further ado, here are my pictures:

Your morning routine
I had a couple of ideas of what to take a picture of, I almost went with the snooze button my alarm clock because that is DEFINITELY part of my morning routine - a part I would like to change, but still a part of it. Instead I went with the meds Claire & I take in the morning. Yay Allegra!
morning meds

The contents of something you carry around on a frequent basis
There are only a few things that I carry around with me on a frequent basis, and I really don't want to show you what my purse looks like right now - it's kind of overflowing with receipts. Instead, here's my phone and my most frequently used apps.
my phone

A thing that you pass everyday that you have never taken a picture of
For the past 3 years, almost everyday on my way to work I pass this field of cows. Sometimes that cows are there, sometimes the cows are in another part of the pasture and I can't see them from the road. But for some reason, I really like these cows. I wish I got a closer picture of them, but this week they have been hanging out fairly far back from the road. This also reminds me of when I first started driving down 159th Street to get to my old job - back before they built subdivisions down the entire thing. Back then it was a donkey (that seriously looked like a zebra) that I really liked to see.
the cows

Your happy place
I had a really hard time coming up with a happy place. I'm not one of those people where places make me happy. People and activities make me happy. So, since I'm already including Claire has a person that makes me smile, we'll go with walking in a park/woods/trail. I don't do it very often, but I enjoy it when I do. Maybe that means I should try to make the time to do it more often.
happy place

Someone who makes you smile
No explanation needed...she just makes me smile.

Jenny Meyerson is awesome. I don't actually KNOW her, but I enjoy reading her blog:


  1. Jenni - I love your photos. And I'm just giddy excited getting to put faces with names from the blog.
    I'm loving all the ideas and takes on the picture assignment. I never thought about all of our allergy medicine or a picture of my phone with the thousand apps that the kids download.
    The picture of your daughter makes me smile too. Thanks again for linking up.

  2. Hi Jenni! Love your photos. I also linked up with Jenny's photo challenge. (I'm her sister, so it's a requirement! Just kidding!)

    I'm looking forward to getting to know more people through these photography challenges!

    Blessings to you!