Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

Claire and Anaya are both going to summer school, so it hardly feels like summer is starting. Claire is going to the Extended School Year program to continue with her Speech Therapy staring next week through the end of June. Anaya is attending what is called Journey to Summer, in fact, today was her first day. In the morning they do "real" school stuff, in the afternoon they have fun classes - science experiments, cooking, art and pe. I'm not sure what all she will actually do, but she was excited to be going.

I pulled out a piece of paper today and just started writing down some things that I want to do this summer (and things I know the kids want to do).


The different colors don't mean anything, it was just the pen that I happened to pick up when I started writing. I stopped and started a couple of times. I still need to figure out how I want to display this. One year Anaya and I made little books that we each filled in with things we wanted to do. I also like how eighteen25 has made summer lists using a picture frame. Since Claire doesn't read, it might be fun to have pictures of things we did last summer so it is easier for her to show us what she wants to do. I definitely want it out where someone besides me will see it. Well...most of it. The things with question marks that might not work out would probably stay on my personal list - that way I don't have to listen to whining if we end up not being able to do some of the things.

Inspired by: Ali Edwards' Summer Manifesto

UPDATED: See follow-up post with how I displayed it.

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