Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Life Week ???

April 16 - 22

This was a super busy week! Ended up with TWO inserts, one 6x12 (with three pockets) and one 8.5x11. There's also very little journaling. Almost all of the pockets are full of pictures.

Here we go - the full spread, see all the inserts!

As I said, we had a LOT going on this week. We finished painting Anaya's room (green & purple!) and Claire was cute.

Claire had a field trip with her class on Tuesday, so I took the morning off work and met them there. I'm glad I did because I got some great pictures of her with her "friends". There are only 4 girls in her preschool class and they are all almost a year older than her (since she's one of the youngest anyways). So all the other girls "mother-hen" her according to the teachers.

On Saturday, I throw myself a birthday party - I turned 30! I made a ton of mini cupcakes and had quite a few friends over, but managed to only take pictures of the cupcakes and the kids. So I included a few from earlier in the week when I was planning out the food.

On Sunday we were LAZY bums. Until about 3pm when I decided we needed to do SOMETHING. So I took the girls downtown to the new Sealife Aquarium that opened recently. We ended up buying a season pass since we'd decided not to buy one for the zoo this year. This will be the year of the Fish!

Pictures of us being LAZY on Sunday. And a little trip to the DMV that I had made earlier in the week - I didn't leave it to the last minute...I think I did it on Thursday, I still had TWO whole days before it actually expired!

Thanks for coming and having a look!

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