Friday, May 25, 2012

50+ Things


50+ Things I am Grateful For...
  1. my house
  2. my job
  3. justin
  4. my amazing new printer
  5. olathe - because i love it
  6. country music
  7. music in general
  8. claire
  9. my friends
  10. facebook
  11. my camera
  12. birth control
  13. books
  14. kindle app for my phone
  15. shortyz app (crossword puzzles)
  16. my phone
  17. my car - that doesn't wobble
  18. the internet
  19. my parents & brother & sister-in-law
  20. shorts with an elastic waist - yes, i'm special
  21. the library
  22. allegra
  23. iced tea
  24. my ipod
  25. anaya
  26. surewest
  27. the blogs i read
  28. joco infant & toddler services
  29. olathe school district
  30. claire's awesome teacher
  31. claire's awesome paras
  32. advil
  33. dr rita
  34. whoever that doctor was who was on his way to deliver twins (via c-section) when claire decided to be born
  35. my 401k & ira
  36. all of my extended family
  37. my in-laws
  38. point loma
  39. midamerica
  40. my church
  41. air conditioning - it's seriously HOT
  42. that i live in the united states
  43. pioneer woman - she taught me to cook
  44. project life by becky higgins
  45. our trampoline
  46. heater - not right NOW but during the winter obviously
  47. my computer
  48. my fresh produce skirts
  49. our pool passes
  50. target
  51. the cows on my way to work
  52. starbucks
  53. that people will bring me starbucks at work (mom & justin)
  54. my co-workers
  55. did i mention my phone, because that thing seriously keeps me sane some days
  56. anaya's friends' parents that watch out for her after school
  57. suburbia
  58. news websites
  59. jenny meyerson & ali edwards & becky higgins - i don't know any of them personally, but their blogs have been so encouraging recently
  60. itunes
  61. all of justin's doctors that have gotten him this far
  62. my mom's sewing machine
  63. justin's lawyer - kind of
  64. our dvr
  65. tv shows online
  66. the cats - when they aren't peeing on the carpet
  67. carpet cleaner when they are peeing on the carpet
  68. email
  69. disney channel
  70. blogger & it's ability to schedule posts to post later...  :)
I kind of randomized the list a little so that people wouldn't think I'm more grateful for some people than other people. Obviously somethings are more serious and some are a little more humorous.  But I am actually grateful for all of these things, whether they are necessities to life or just the little nice to haves that I am lucky enough to have.

Maybe I'll come up with some more...but I'm actually typing this on Thursday night and I'm tired.

Oh, and this post was inspired by Jenny Meyerson, she's having a gratitude link-up today so if you want more to be grateful for go check it out.


  1. Stopping by, via Jenny's blog, from Building On Joy. Love your list - chuckled at some of the things that I realized must be on there for humorous reasons. :) It's really wonderful to ponder the many things we have to feel grateful for - even the humorous ones! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Becky! When I started this list I wasn't sure I would be able to make it to 50, but then I got there and kept coming up with more things to be grateful for.

  2. I'm from Olathe and so it always makes me smile to see a fellow Olathe person :)

    I love your list, and how you included the little things too! I'm currently working on mine.

    Have a great day,

    1. I have never come across another blog from Olathe! I have found a few from Kansas City and those are always interesting to hear a different perspective on the city I've lived near for over 15 years.

    2. I live in Independence now, but I graduated Olathe North 10 years ago (just typing that makes me feel old!)

  3. Great list, sometimes it is the little things that help us to be grateful for the bigger things.
    At the moment I have 3 sick girls so I am grateful for the tv, my old iPhone & my phone, giving us some quiet resting time.
    My eldest daughter is Anaya too.

    1. Until I met my step-daughter, I had never heard the name Anaya. We always get remarks about how pretty a name it is.

  4. Jenni - I love this. I just worked all day and am feeling so blessed with all of these gratitude posts. I love that you are thankful for Allegra and Air Conditioning. Totally agree. :)
    I love the variety of your list and it gives me such a nice picture of you and your family. Plain awesome.
    Thanks so much for linking up Jenni as this incredibly blessed me. I'm grateful for you.