Thursday, May 24, 2012

Recipe: Enfrijoladas

Earlier this week I made a new dish, Enfrijoladas.

Mine did not turn out looking like the pictures in the recipe. We also change it a little bit because my husband likes to have meat in every meal. After looking through the recipe again, I think the main issue is the fact that I used medium tortillas and they are using small (although the recipe says either will work). My Enfrijoladas were swimming in the bean sauce at the end.

Enfrijoladas (1)

I thought they were REALLY good. And I definitely liked having the taco meat in them; they might've been a little bland if not for the taco meat. They were swimming in bean sauce, which might not have been a problem if we had tortilla chips to dip in the bean sauce but we were all out of chips. I will definitely make again, maybe not pour ALL of the bean sauce in the baking dish and maybe use smaller tortillas and have some chips on hand to use for dipping.

Enfrijoladas in progress:

Enfrijoladas (2)

Again, find the recipe over here at Tasty Kitchen, the only change that I made was browning a pound of ground beef and adding taco seasoning and adding a large spoonful to each Enfrijolada.

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