Friday, June 1, 2012

Toddler Summer Nightdress

This is actually my second attempt at making a dress for Claire out of one of my old tee-shirts. This one turned out much better. I learned from the mistakes of my first dress...

Here is my first attempt:


The first thing I did wrong was sew straight up the sides without leaving arm holes - whoops. Which turned it into a tube dress so I cut the original neck line off and added the braided straps to keep it up - I need to shorten them a little bit still. I was also intending to make an A-line dress...but this is not an A-line at all. But I learned! And Claire gets to wear this as a swim cover up.

This time when I cut up my old tee-shirt, I used part of the side seams for the sides of the dress. Then I angled it in a little bit and made kind of half-oval arm holes. Ta-da!


The white line is approximately how I ended up sewing this. As I was doing it I realized that I really wanted the dress to go in slower, so I sewed farther down the dress side than I had actually cut. I did the side seam first, from the bottom of the arm-hole to the original side seam of the shirt. After both sides were finished, I hemmed the arm holes. I just folded about 1/4" of fabric in and stitched as closely to the fold as I could. I could probably do the arm holes a little better, but for a first attempt at making my own arm-holes, it's not bad. It would've been better to have a 1/2" to fold in so that I could've folded the edge under to keep it from fraying...oh well, it's just a nightdress!


After I took pictures of the finished product, I wanted to put it on Claire for a couple of pictures. She REFUSED to have anything to do with it. When I would attempt to put it on her, she would push it back up off of her. When I got it over her head, she had it off of her head before I could get an arm in it. Ended up taking bribery to get her to wear it - ice cream & some little balloons to pop. Now she's wearing it to bed because once it was on her, she figured out that it wasn't so bad after all.


However, there was no getting her to hold still for a picture.

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