Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Life: Week 20

Week 20: May 14 - 20

Lots and lots of playing outside this week. I love taking pictures in the backyard later in the evening - the lighting is PERFECT because our house faces west, so a lot of our backyard is in the shadow of our house. I'm also learning some of the better spots to take pictures inside our house. For example, the north-side window is actually one of the best windows all day long. During the morning & afternoon, light reflects off our neighbor's house into that window and during the evening, we can still get enough ambient light through the window to get pretty good pictures without having to worry about direct sunlight. It's also our diningroom window, which means we spend a lot of time there.


The picture of the roses was taken using that north window light. I set the vase on a short bench in front of the window and just aimed straight down. I didn't even photo-shop it at all - that's just natural light! The picture of the Black-Pepper Chicken, Rice & Eggroll was on our diningroom table - also using the north window light. And the picture of Claire drinking iced tea, facing the north window. Have I mentioned that I love that window...and it's light...and that it is in a great place?


We went to see Justin's parents on Sunday for lunch. They have train tracks fairly close to their house - down a hill, across a street and past some other buildings - so anytime Claire would hear a train she would run to where she could see it and say "Choo-choo". She loves her trains. They also have a swingset out there so she would sit on the swingset and watch the trains go by.


Thanks for visiting to see my week 20! Hope you had a good week too!

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