Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PL Catch-up

I'm still mostly caught up with Project Life, mostly just behind on actually posting my pages. Last week I had to take Wednesday morning off work to get an internet/cable issue sorted out. Justin had a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning so I figured I would stay home until either the AT&T guy fixed our internet/cable or Justin got home. Justin got home at 10:30am, AT&T guy showed up at 10:45am so I ended up getting two weeks worth of Project Life finished up and photographed to post during the 3 hours I spent waiting around my house. Then I let the pictures languish on my camera until Sunday.

Week 17 | April 23 - 29

wk 17 - 1
wk 17 - 2
wk 17 - 3

Week 18 | April 30 - May 6

wk 18 - 1
wk 18 - 2
Just realized that I still need to do some journaling about those pictures where Claire is waving a stick at the flowers. She's pretending to conduct, like Leo from the Little Einsteins. She waves her "baton" at the flowers and says "Wah wah wah" and then I usually respond as whatever she is waving her stick baton at with a "la la la". This is kind of a big deal because when Claire had her diagnosis the therapists kept mentioning her lack of pretend play.

wk 18 - 3
The last 3x4 journaling card that says "TORNADO" on it is actually a 4x6 folding card. The pictures inside are of the Tornado that was above Olathe, in fact it went right over one of my friend's houses and probably over my parents house as well. I did NOT take any pictures of it. I was busy hiding in the basement of a (different) friend's house and was blissfully oblivious to how close this really was to us until it was all over and I started seeing pictures on Facebook - that's why there is text on each picture that says "Picture from Facebook".

wk 18 - 4
Because truly, those two pictures were taken less than a MILE from my house. That brick building in the picture on the right is where Claire was born.

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