Friday, November 30, 2012

Project Life: Week 46

Week 46: November 12-18

Justin & I celebrated our 7 yr anniversary with Chinese take-out, so that no one had to cook or wash dishes. We don't really do much to celebrate, the picture of us is from our family pictures in October, but it works well here since I didn't feel like taking a crappy indoor picture of us.

Week 46 (1)

I have 2 inserts this week. The front of the first insert is just a 6x8 picture of Claire that I really liked. Unfortunately some of my pictures this week have a little bit of red streaked across the bottom of them. Not sure what is going on with that, but I'll probably reorder this picture (possibly as one larger picture) and switch it out eventually.

The back of the first insert is of Claire at the park. We took Kwazii (named after the cat in the Octonauts) this time.

Week 46 (2)

The front of the second insert is about my mom's fall party. She hosts a come-and-go party about every couple of years (although she had one last year AND this year). Every year she picks a food theme and this year it was Bundt cakes. She made 8 bundt cakes as well as many appetizers and it was all delicious.

The back of the second insert is of Claire playing in the leaves. We ended up calling our mowers and canceling our last scheduled mowing so that Claire could finally play in some leaves this fall. We'll probably get out there again next week to actually rake them all up and put them in lawn bags. The leaves that you see there are actually the same leaves that I took a picture of last week with the "Hello Fall" written on it, but then sometime during the week they all fell on the ground.

Week 46 (3)

The last page is just more around the house pictures + some decorating for Christmas. Since we had decent weather my brother & dad came over to help with hanging Christmas lights. I don't have a tall enough ladder to do it myself.

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  1. Great pages! That is a whole LOT of bundt cake :)Your daughter reminds me of my youngest when she was that age with all her stuffed animals. My daughter actually switched out the one she slept with every night so no one would have hurt feelings - lol.

  2. Nice layout! And happy anniversary as well!