Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Life: Week 42

Week 42: October 15-21

I ordered three weeks worth of pictures last week, so I'll probably end up finishing the Week 43 layout later this week. It's hard to believe that this year is almost over!

The first part of this week is just a little bit of around the house and LOTS of playing outside while the weather was still nice. I also spent a couple of evenings putting together a fun little wreath using pages from a book - specifically Vanity Fair.

Week 42 (1)

The first insert is about a work even we had going on Tuesday & Wednesday. It was in downtown Kansas City, which I don't go there very often, so I included a few downtown pictures - not very good since they are from my phone.

The front of the second insert has pictures of both kids doing "homework". Claire is drawing faces. We had her parent teacher conference that week, so I included a few notes about how she is doing in preschool. The bottom picture is of Anaya doing some actual homework. Her parent teacher conference wasn't until the following week, but I did include a little bit of information about how she is doing.

Week 42 (5)

The back of the second insert has pictures of us celebrating Justin's birthday. A couple of his friends come out to Olathe and we went out to lunch at Red Robin. I, of course, only took pictures of the kids. And a picture of Justin with his two birthday Legos!

Week 42 (9)

The last page is about lunch on Sunday at my mom's house. Pictures of my very pregnant sister-in-law.

I have maybe 2 more inserts that I ought to make for this week. I still haven't done anything for Project Real Life. I'm not sure if I even particularly care to continue making the layouts as Becky suggests, or if I'm better off holding on to those suggestions for another time when I am in need of some photo ideas. I also realized as I was taking pictures of this week, that Claire had a field trip to the pumpkin patch that my mom went on with her, but I didn't get the pictures for it. I have them now, I just haven't ordered them yet. I also dragged my family out to a park on Saturday and took professional-ish pictures of us all. But I'm not sure if I even want to include them here or not. So this week is done...kind of.

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