Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Project Life: Week 43

Week 43: October 22 - 28

Love love love love Project Life. So many pictures off of my computer and into albums. Also, Claire asked (almost) daily to look at Picture Books as she calls the scrapbooks. I need to finish up 2008's digital book & 2009's physical book.

This week started out pretty low-key: the food we had, Claire setting the table, Claire playing with her new Tinkerbell music box, Anaya & Claire playing with play-doh, and Claire's blanket fort.

Week 43 (1)

One insert this week, the front is pictures from the Fall Festival at Claire's preschool. Since she started in December last year, we hadn't been to their Fall Festival, but it was very similar to the ones they had when Anaya was in elementary school - although this was obviously for younger kids. Claire did the cake walk forever, she didn't exactly know what the cake walk was, but it was in her classroom and that's all she cared about...until she won a plate of cupcakes.

The back of the insert is mostly about Anaya's surprise trip to the Justin Bieber concert. Along with a bit of the story about getting tickets. She was so excited to be able to go. Also included a few pictures from my weekend baking: Apple Cider Donuts & Pumpkin Spice Donuts.

Week 43 (2)

The last page is just more weekend pictures. It was the weekend before Halloween so we were doing some last minute costuming. Anaya decided to be a fairy, so we got a bunch of tulle together and made a tutu. I got the white tulle from my mom, she had it from decorating for my brother's wedding - 8 YEARS ago. Anaya also wanted to bake Halloween cookies, so we made the batter & she baked the cookies on Saturday. Then on Sunday afternoon, I made the icing and she decorated cookies while I worked on her tutu.

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  1. Great pages! Love all the photos! I know your daughter had to be thrilled about the Justin Bieber concert!

  2. Love the fort! Those donuts look really amazing too.

  3. We make blanket forts at our house at least once a week--but of course the care bears have to join us. Claire is pretty picky about how the fort is made, what blanket we use, etc. She does enjoy it, even though she is always wanting to walk on the top side, which brings it all down and we have to build it again.