Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Life: Week 45

Week 45: November 5 - 11

The first page is mostly just everyday shots around the house + a few of our dinners for the week. I love having the two views of Justin tickling Claire, particularly since they are in pretty much the same position in both pictures even though that was not planned when taking the pictures. Our evening activities are changing now that it is cooler & we've had the time change. It's mostly dark by the time I get home from work, so we spend the evenings in the living room playing instead of going outside.

Week 45 (1)

I had one insert this week. The front is of board game night at my brother's house + the baby! I love the picture of the board game where the focus was on the pieces in front of me and the board + my parents are out of focus.

The back of the insert has pictures of Claire playing outside on Saturday. It was REALLY windy, but we had to make use of the nice weather. We went to a nearby park and then she wanted to take Kitty for a walk around the block in her baby doll's stroller - so cute!

Week 45 (2)

A few more around the house shots, not sure what the deal is with Claire & laundry baskets, but she loves to sit in them. This time she loaded it up with some of her favorite stuffed animals before climbing in with the iPad. I really like taking pictures where things take up the entire print with words on top of them (such as the leaves on the tree & the cookies). This was election week, so I made up a little graphic on my computer about voting & who won. I meant to get a newspaper on Wednesday to include, but this works well.

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  1. Cute pages! I especially like the Hello Fall card.

  2. Wonderful layouts. Love the shots of playing games. My eldest is slowly becoming insterested in games so I'm hoping we can have family game nights too.