Friday, November 16, 2012

Past December Daily Albums

I finally finished up December Daily for last year this week. I had all the pictures ordered, I just needed to cut down & sew some page protectors, write a little bit of journaling for one page and do something with the cover. December Daily is a mini album project that Ali Edwards created (or at least made popular). I actually still need to punch holes in four pages and put them in, but I can't find my cropadile. It was on my desk...but now it is MIA.


2011 was my 4th year of December Daily. Each one is a different size. Different binding. None of them were actually done in December (of their respective years). In fact, when I was working on the cover for 2011, I also finally put together a cover image for 2009. 2008 was a 4x6 book with metal rings for binding. 2009 was a little larger (maybe 5x7) using my binding machine. 2010 I used embroidery floss to bind it and it was a little bit bigger than 2009's book. 2011 I used an actual scrapbook with lots of randomly sized page protectors.


Why do I do December Daily? It really makes me think about all of the traditions that we have and new ones that we might start. I like how I was able to find the same events in all of my different books and seeing how we have changed. For example, our advent velcro & felt tree, visiting Santa, decorating the tree & baking cookies. 2008 was when I was pregnant with Claire, so in addition to the Christmas events, I also have some pictures about my pregnancy. That was also before I started Project Life, so a lot more everyday stuff made it into that album.


However, I'm not entirely convinced that I should do it this year actually. Since I'm doing Project Life and I don't like to include the same pictures/stories in December Daily & Project Life that leaves Project Life rather lite on Christmas stuff. I noticed that last year and I didn't like it. In fact, I've been thinking about going back and adding to Project Life. If I do it this year, I am going to do it as a Blurb book...maybe.

Finishing 2011's DD was one of the things on my 31 before 31 list, so YAY!

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  1. I just started December Daily for the first time this year & I'm trying to do it during the month. I am starting project life in 2013, even though I bought the supplies awhile ago I wanted to start it at the beginning of the year, so they won't overlap this year. I have considered this problem so I'm not sure if I will do December daily again. I had considered maybe trying to record the daily life stuff in project life [including the major holiday events, like christmas day, of course] but then make the December Daily more holiday oriented and focus on one theme each day, like "decorating the tree", "baking holiday cookies", "favorite christmas songs", etc. Therefore, some of the photos will overlap, but the journaling will be different! Just an idea, idk if it would really pan out though.

    Congrats on finishing 4 albums, we'll see if I can finish one...