Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project Life: Week 22

Week 22: May 28 - June 3

I so love this project. I love that I am almost halfway through the year and all of these memories aren't just stored on my computer. I love that I'm almost halfway through the year and my book is more than half full.

Week22 (1)

This week, I didn't write any of my journaling by hand. I typed it all on the pictures before I ordered them. (yes, ordered them, my target's re-model is FINALLY done and I can order online once again) I love journaling on the pictures. After I finished putting my page all together last night, I was looking at the June PL Inspiration on Becky's Blog and saw how Cathy Zielske makes ghosted journal spots on photos. Which is exactly what I had been thinking I should have done on some of these. I just didn't think about it until after I ordered them and saw how hard is was to read some of the text - particularly when I typed over grass. So I might be reprinting a few so that it is easier to read - except I didn't save them as photoshop files, so I'd have to retype all the journaling. We'll see.

Week22 (7)

The pink card with the green heart is from the Cobalt core kit. I ran it through my printer to print the "this life" on it - using Ali's Hand font.

Week22 (5)

I used the scrap from a different insert to make this week's insert. Since it was open down the left side, I used some of the 12x12 Cobalt Cardstock and then sewed it to the page protector. I ended up making a few of the pictures weird sizes, but I like that it isn't quite a 6x12 like most of my inserts are. I picked out the piece of cardstock that matches my title card for the week.

Week22 (11)

Since I didn't do any hand journaling, it is mostly just pictures this week. Since we're about halfway through the year, I'm thinking about starting a new Project Life album - I haven't done THAT many inserts, so it's not really full yet. But I think I will end up needing two books and January-June & July-December seems little a good division.

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Thanks for coming and seeing my Project Life!

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