Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tell Your Story - A Photography Challenge 2

It's time for another photography link-up with Jenny Meyerson!

After her last link-up, I went ahead and created this post with just the list of things to take pictures of so that I wouldn't forget about it. Well, I didn't forget but I kept thinking that I had lots of time before the link up...and then I didn't.

1. Something you can’t live without.  There are lots of things I wouldn't want to live without, but I had a hard time coming up with an appropriate picture for this category - do I go all serious and take a picture of running water? Or my family?  A little more humorous and take a picture of coffee?  Or my phone?  Finally ended up with my camera, now while I could probably live without this particular camera (even though I love it a whole lot), I would be hard to live without ANY camera.  (Picture is from last Christmas when I got my new camera).

5 Things June (1)
2. A favorite snack.  My favorite snack changes...a lot.  And since I'd like to lose some weight, I don't currently buy one of my most favorite snacks (frito chips).  We'll call this my favorite snack when I'm attempting to lose weight - Red Grapes.  I usually wash them all when I get home from the grocery store and put them in a plasticware container to make it easier to grab some when I need a little to eat.

5 Things June (2)
3. Your ride.  My car is a Mazda6; I call it "Silver".  I have such a love-hate relationship with this car.  This is supposed to be Justin's car.  The one that is supposed to be my car is also a Mazda6, but it's a 2004 with a v6 and a sunroof and it's green - Sepang Green to be exact.  As opposed to this Mazda6 that is a 2006 with a 4-cyclinder engine and no sunroof.  The reasons why we switched cars are fairly ridiculous, mostly because Silver had an issue with it's rotors that we just resolved after 5 years of dealing with vibration when breaking.  I'm more tolerant of it, so I drive it.  It's resolved now and hopefully doesn't come back.  So we could switch back, but the one that is supposed to be my car now smells like smoke since Justin gets in the car right after smoking.  So I get to drive Silver and Justin gets to drive my car - that I bought before I even MET him.  Not that I'm bitter.

5 Things June (3)
4. Weekend routine.  Claire and I are always the first two people to get up in the morning.  In an effort to no disturb everyone else and to keep Claire distracted from Anaya's room on the weekends when she is here, we usually come upstairs and crawl in my bed and watch tv for an hour or so.  It gives me a chance to "rest" in (since sleeping in hasn't happened since January 2009).

5 Things June (4)
5. A place you get your food.  I do most of my grocery shopping at either HyVee or Price Chopper.  Price Chopper is closer, but the bakery, produce & meat at HyVee is better.  So it mostly depends on what's in the ad at each place and what other errands I have to run.

5 Things June (5)
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  1. I almost used my camera as my first photo prompt as well. Love the story about your car - that's what I'm loving about these photo prompts. I really am recording stories that I often wouldn't have written about.
    Thanks for linking up. I love getting a peek into your life!