Saturday, June 2, 2012

Recipe: Cookie in a Cast Iron Skillet

Doesn't this just look delicious...

Skillet Cookie (2)

I found this recipe on Tasty Kitchen and had to make it. This thing was seriously rich. It says to serve it with ice cream and it means it - you need something to balance this thing out. I was all out of ice cream, so I went with a glass of milk.

Skillet Cookie (3)

I didn't have any chocolate chunks or any candy bars to make chunks out of, so I ended up using Nestle Mini Chocolate Chips. I will definitely try it again with dark chocolate...preferably high quality dark chocolate. I got a little worried that I did something wrong when I was stirring the dry ingredients in, it seemed like I had too much flour and the dough wasn't coming together at all. But it did eventually come together and look like dough. Then I started folding my chocolate chips in, and they started MELTING because even though it had cooled some since I melted the butter, the skillet was still hot enough to melt the chocolate. So I quickly go them as mixed in as I thought was necessary, and put it in the oven.

Skillet Cookie (1)

It kind of reminded me of a dessert that I used to have with friends out in San Diego. The Pizookie at BJ Restaurant & Brewhouse. This is thicker than theirs, I think it might be good to cut this recipe in half particularly if you don't have a LOT of help eating it. Justin's allergies were bothering him so he had taken some allergy meds and passed out on the couch so it was just me and Claire. Which means we only at about a 1/4 of it. Definitely needed more help eating it. And because it is so gooey, you can't really get all of it out of the cast iron skillet and not have it turn into a mess.

The original recipe: Dark Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie
Step-by-step picture directions: Tasty Kitchen Blog

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