Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Toddler Books

Tonight I attempted to take Claire to the library. Okay, so we made it to the library, we even returned my books and picked up a few other things I wanted and a dvd for Justin. Then we went to the kid's section. Specifically, the kids' dvds and picture books. At that point, Claire went into crazy toddler mode.

There are no pictures of crazy toddler because I think it is bad form to whip out your cell phone and start taking pictures when your child is blatantly misbehaving...seems to send the wrong message to both the child and the people around you.

But a few examples:
  • Someone had brought over one of the step stools and Claire had to stand on...and attempt to fall off of it, even after being told to stop.
  • When picked up, instead of realizing it was time to stop it, she started swinging her arms around and smacking me in the head.
  • When told to stop doing something she giggled.
  • When I would attempt to pick her up and she was not done doing whatever she was doing that she shouldn't have been doing in the first place, she would twist around and whine.

Now I'm not going to entirely blame Claire for all of this. She's three. It was late-ish (7:30pm) and she was tired since she doesn't nap anymore. And really, I should know better than attempt to browse when I have her with me. And I also know she could've been a lot worse, I've seen worse from her and from other kids.

I could go with the solution of just not taking her with me, for example going during my lunch break. But she's got to learn and I want her to like the library.

My new plan involves every other week trips to the library with a list (on my phone most likely) of books & authors for her that I want to look for. Tonight I was thinking about getting an Olivia or Angelina book, but I had no clue as to the author of either of them. I could have asked the librarian or looked it up on one of their computers, but crazy toddler showed up first.

Also, having a better idea of where to find things she would like. I was looking at the DVDs but could not find any DVDs of tv shows that she would like. Now, maybe they were all checked out, or maybe I was looking in the wrong place. This will most likely means a library trip during my lunch break in order to find things without having to deal with crazy toddler.

Alright, so any ideas of other books (authors or series) that I should look at for Claire? She likes Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type and Llama Llama books.

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