Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vegetarian Week Results

We (the kids and I) ate entirely vegetarian Tuesday - Friday this week. This was actually all Anaya's idea. But I figured out a meal plan and bought the groceries and made it happen this week. Since Justin isn't much of a vegetable eater, I bought him corn dogs and frozen burritos.


Tuesday Dinner: Cauliflower Quiche

This was probably one of my favorite vegetarian meals this week. Anaya thought it was too garlicky. Claire ate a couple of bites (she also probably didn't like the garlic). Justin refused to try it because he "doesn't like cooked cauliflower". I even had this again for lunch on Thursday because I liked it so much. Unfortunately I ended up throwing almost half of it away because there's only so much Quiche one person can eat. Recipe

Wednesday Lunch: d'Bronx Veggie Pizza

We were at Crown Center on Wednesday so we stopped at d'Bronx and had two slices of pizza. Mine had tomato, onion and green pepper. Anaya's had green pepper and jalapeno. Claire ate mine once I took the toppings off and it became cheese pizza. I wasn't actually expecting entire slices of tomato on my pizza, I loved d'Bronx pizza, but maybe not those specific toppings.

Wednesday Dinner: Bean Burgers

I should've made the patties a bit thinner I think. Justin ate two of them and liked them although would prefer if the beans were run through a food processor to make them a little more smooth. Claire ate half of a burger - she LOVES beans. Anaya ate hers and said she liked it. If you don't mind eating bean burritos, that is what this reminded me of. We put cheese on ours, but we only had shredded so I would've liked sliced cheese better since it would stay on the burger better. Recipe

Thursday Lunch: Leftovers / Mayo and Cheese sandwich

Anaya was going to have a PB&J for lunch, but really wanted Mayo and Cheese so she wanted to have a roast beef sandwich. Until I told her she could have a Mayo and Cheese sandwich. I used to have them almost every single day during the summer before 3rd & 4th grade. I had some Cauliflower Quiche and Claire had half a bean burger.

Thursday Dinner: Eggplant Parmesan

I had never had eggplant before tonight. I liked this for about half of my piece of eggplant. It kind of tasted like squash and I usually like squash for my first few bites, but then I run into a funny texture and then it's hard to get back into liking it. Anaya liked it...she thought it tasted like chicken! Claire ate about half of what I gave her. She was mostly into eating the pasta. Justin refused to try it - he has had eggplant and does not like it. Recipe

Friday Lunch: Subway

I had turkey. Anaya had steak. We were hungry and tired and hot and Claire was sleeping in the backseat. At least that was healthier than our original lunch plan of Sonic.

Friday Dinner: Pancakes, Fruit and MorningStar "Sausage"

Pancakes and fruit is a fairly normal dinner offering around here. This is the first time I have every tried MorningStar products. I asked around a bit to see what types of fake sausage people liked the most and this was the best according to the most people. I ended up getting the hot and spicy variety since I figured Justin & Anaya would like that better. I didn't mind the texture or the sausage flavor, but the spiciness was too much.

We had planned to continue it through Saturday...but I wasn't in the mood to make 2-bean Tamale Pie and Justin's only dinner request was MEAT! We ended up having Sonic.

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