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Project Life: Week 30

Week 30: July 23-29

I ended up with one insert this week using a page protector from my Becky Higgins baby kit that she released in 2008. It had 12 horizontal 4x3 slots, I cut the edge with the binder holes off and then I trimmed off most of one set of slots to end up with a page protector with 9 3x4 slots. I was going to use a baseball card page, but the slots in the ones that I have are quite a bit smaller than 3x4 and I had already ordered my pictures when I realized that.

Week 30 (1)

We went to the pool a lot this week and Justin actually went with us for the first time this summer. He doesn't get in the pool because of his leg, but I was able to hand him my little point-and-shoot that I take to the pool and have him get a few pictures that I wouldn't have been able to take since I'm always busy keeping Claire from drowning. Anaya took a few of these as well. I really like the grouping that shows Claire coming down the slide.

Week 30 (3)

The other page is just a bunch of random goings-on. Claire made a huge mess on the table with a bunch of her toys. Anaya had her backyard campout which ended at 3am when they came in hot, uncomfortable, and slightly scared. I had to do our meal card as a 3x4 because I ran out of 6x4 slots.

Week 30 (5)

On Saturday afternoon I took the girls to Deanna Rose Farmstead. Claire loves this place and specifically asked to go there on Saturday - so we did. The title is felt stickers on top of the page protector. I did that back on Week 21 with red felt letters. We fed goats, and looked at farm animals, and bottle-fed baby goats and ate ice cream (after washing our hands really well).

Week 30 (9)

I've been letting Anaya use my previous camera, it's a Canon Powershot SX10IS. It was what I always used until I got my digital SLR. I still use it if I'm going somewhere that I need really awesome zoom because it has super amazing zoom (20x). But I'm trusting Anaya to use it a little bit because after having me follow her around with a camera for 7 years, she is also interested in photography. The backside of the Deanna Rose page insert includes some of Anaya's pictures.

Week 30 (11)

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  1. I love your pages! They are all about the photos and really make me smile :) I am so glad you linked up for Project Life Tuesdays so I could come take a peek when I linked up!