Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recent Reads

For every "serious" book that I read, I probably read at least 10-15 stupid little romance novels (Harlequins or Silhouettes usually). Anytime I look at my Kindle, I get for free Harlequins and download them to read whenever I'm just sitting around waiting for something to happen. These are like the Sponge-Bob of books. In fact, I'm mostly hopefully that the rotting of my brain that occurs from reading them is balanced out by the fact that I am actually READING. I do love them though.

Today though, let's talk about some of the more serious books that I have read (serious does not equal non-fiction, just something that isn't fluff).

11/22/63 by Stephen King
My mom loaned this book to me. The main idea of this book is that some guy figured out how to go back to the fall 1958. Then he thought maybe he should try changing history. Then he thought maybe he should try to prevent JFK's assassination. (A little factoid, when I was in a senior in high school, my social studies teacher was big on Conspiracy Theories and every year he took a group of kids down to Dallas to see where JFK was shot and all the different places where people say the shooter could've been hiding. It was really quite interesting.) So, the guy that found the way to travel back in time got lung cancer and was dying before he could "complete his mission" so he traveled back to now and recruited a buddy to do it for him. The book is mostly about his friend's attempt to change history and all the consequences and the butterfly effect. Obviously not everything is true in this book - I'm sure Stephen King did a ton of research but this is still a work of fiction about a fictional guy traveling back in time. But it was very good. And I'm glad I read it. Although at 849 pages, I doubt I will read it a second time.

Bossypants by Tina Fey
I hesitate to call this one serious. It's nonfiction, but it's written by a comedian. It was good and humorous. I learned things about working in show business that I probably wouldn't have known otherwise. I'm not a huge SNL fan, I watched it regularly during college because my roommates loved it, but I don't think I have watched it since I graduated. Anyways, it was funny and interesting and kind of made me think about...I don't really know what, but we'll call it good enough.

Now it's time to read some FLUFF until the next of my "serious" library books are read to be picked up.

Coming up: Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson, Getting Things Done by David Allen, Devil at My Heels by Louis Zamperini.

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