Friday, August 24, 2012

Project Life: Week 32

Week 32: Aug 6 - 12

I had this page mostly ready to go on Monday evening, but I was waiting for my new set of page protectors to arrive from Amazon. I bought the small variety pack 1 of page protectors when I was ordering some other stuff at Amazon and they didn't show up at my house until Thursday. Also, the pictures are kind of crappy because I decided not to wait until daylight.

Week 32 (2)
We had a lot of fun this week. This was the week we celebrated Anaya's 13th Birthday. Her birthday isn't until later this month, but she really wanted to go to Schlitterbahn with one (or more) of her friends. We ended up just taking one friend and spent almost 8 hours at the water park. All three of us were sunburnt. The 6x12 insert that looks like half of a normal Design A is what I was waiting for from Amazon. Since I wanted to include the Schlitterbahn bracelet, I just stapled it to the page protector across a couple of pictures. We also got her new favorite pizza (d'Bronx) and I made her a cake (chocolate with purple buttercream frosting). We ended up lighting the candles on the cake twice because I didn't get a good picture the first time.

Week 32 (6)
Anaya had to go back to her mom's house, so I ended up taking Claire to the MidWest Balloon Festival. We went last year and actually spent a good portion of the day at the festival, but this year all we wanted to see were the balloons. Instead of actually going to the festival, we parked in the hospital parking lot and sat in the grassy area across the street from the festival. We still had a good view of most of the balloons and it was free, which was good because at one point Claire started crying and saying "All Done" so we left.

Week 32 (7)
My mom found mine (and my brother's?) old CareBears in the basement and Claire is now obsessed with them. She also has 3 or 4 CareBear books and only my mom can read them to her. I attempted to read one to her while we were over there and she threw a hissy fit.

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