Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Kiddo

Anaya turns 13 today. We drove over to her mom's house last night to take her out to dinner and buy her some more school supplies that she needed (completely un-related to the fact it was her birthday). We have actually already celebrated her birthday 3 times (once with her friends, once with just us, once with Justin's parents).


Happy Birthday Anaya!

anaya bday

Right now...

...she is starting 7th grade at a new school.

...she is IN LOVE with Justin Bieber (and I am keeping evidence so in 5 years I can tease her about it).

...she is also obsessed with Glee and can't wait for Season 3 to show up on Netflix.

...she is trying so hard to grow up so much faster than she needs to.

...she can't wait to get a Facebook account.

...she is looking forward to playing Softball - hopefully she will get to.

...she loves all her little sisters...even when they annoy her.

...she loves driving her parents insane, but we drive her insane too.

...did I mention how much she LOVES Justin Bieber.

...she wants to learn to be a photographer.

...she is reading the 2nd Hunger Games book.


In two years, she'll be starting high school. In three, she'll be able to drive (stay off the roads!). In 5 years, she'll legally be an adult but will just be starting her senior year of high school. In 6 years, she'll be starting college (I hope). Justin doesn't like it when I point out these things to him, it just shows how quickly his "baby" girl is growing up.

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