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Project Life: Week 31

Week 31: July 30 - August 5

This week was hard to figure out what to do. This is the week when I took 3 days off from work and we had a little Kansas City Vacation.

Idea 1: 2 inserts. Insert 1: all about Wednesday's adventure downtown. The front of insert 2: Thursday and the back: Friday. Unfortunately the Thursday page would be pretty empty because we really just hung around the house most of that day.
Idea 2: 1 insert. Front: Wednesday. Back: Thursday & Friday (but mostly Friday).
Idea 3: no insert (at leas not specifically for the vacation) just a 4x6 daily highlight picture in the normal pages and then make a mini album for details.

After looking at all of my pictures, I ended up going with idea 2. I'm not sure yet if I'll make a mini album or not, but this will at least get enough of the details down that if I do decide to make a mini album it won't be too hard to make it. I also thought of another page protector design that I wish Becky would make: 3 4x6 slots down the left side (next to the holes) with a 3x4 slot next to each 4x6 slot. That way you could have a 4x6 with some journaling about it right next to it. That is what I would've really liked for the vacation insert. But she doesn't have such a thing right now.

On to my pages for Week 31!

Week 31 (2)

I really wanted to highlight the fact that we had "vegetarian week" this week. Instead of my normal method of cramming all of my food pictures into one 6x4, I decided to fill the entire middle section of my first page with my vegetarian foods and include a 4x6 folded journaling card that I made that was all about what foods we ate and what we thought of each of them.

Week 31 (3)

Week 31 (1)

I ended up with a 10x12 insert for the vacation pictures. I didn't feel like setting up my sewing machines so I just used washi tape from Target down the trimmed side of the page protector.

Week 31 (4)

In order to print these pictures I just resized them as necessary and arranged them all on a 10x12 canvas in Photoshop, then I divided them out onto 6x4 canvases. Then I just ordered them as usually and cut them apart. I did not type the journaling on the pictures. I actually like how the printed journaling looks on cardstock better than the smoothness of the photo paper.

Week 31 (5)

The last page is just a bunch of not quite vacation pictures. Just random stuff we did around the house during our "stay-cation". I included a picture of my dad because we celebrated his birthday on Aug 5 (Sunday). I should probably add a tag to that picture that says "Happy Birthday" on it.

Week 31 (6)

Well, Week 31 is FINALLY done...better late than never!

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