Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Project Life: Week 47

Week 47: November 19 - 25

This was going to be a really super busy week. It included Thanksgiving and was going to include a little bit of our Christmas traditions that I was going to do while we had Anaya. Then I got sick on Friday and took a total of 67 pictures over the weekend...and 59 of those were family Christmas pictures for my mom of our entire family and for my sister-in-law of their little family + dogs. So as far as pictures go, this week ended on Friday.

The first page is from earlier in the week. I took Wednesday off work and we had Anaya so we did a little running around - went to Hallmark and bought our annual ornaments.

Week 47 (1)

After we got home, we had to rake up some leaves in the backyard. But before you can rake up the leaves you have to PLAY in the leaves. Claire was sad when we finally did start raking and she pouted under the trampoline.

Anaya and her friend request some pictures by the Christmas lights, but they didn't understand the concept of don't move so much! Then it was Thanksgiving day & Claire woke up not feeling great and we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Week 47 (10)

On Thursday we spent Thanksgiving with my family.

On Friday, we went to see Justin's family.

Week 47 (12)

The last page has the 3 pictures that I took between Friday last afternoon & Sunday evening that weren't family portraits. Then I went ahead and included the family pictures with notes about deciding to take them ourselves instead of hiring someone to do it.

The end of week 47. Only 5 more weeks (+ one day) until the end of the year!!!

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