Monday, December 17, 2012

December Daily: Days 10 & 11

So I took a few days off from working on this. No particular reason beside burn out followed by the feeling of needing to catch up first. Unfortunately I have also fallen behind with Project Life. The last week that I completed was Week 48 (Nov 26 - Dec 2), which I STILL haven't posted online. Argh, I hate feeling behind.


Day 10 | Christmas Movies

Claire's favorite Christmas movie this year is Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. She doesn't call it that, of course. She kind of calls it Mickey Mouse, or Popup Book (because the way the "stories" are introduced at like a popup book), or something about skating because her favorite story is about Minnie & Daisy ice skating. The picture of all the movies was actually taken this past weekend, a few days after the 10th. I was waiting on an Amazon order to arrive with some new Christmas movies before I made the page.

Day 11 | Christmas Cards

This year I mailed out 22 Christmas Cards. I ordered 25 (because that's how many came in a pack), I have one that I'm keeping that I'll put in my Project Life album, one for Claire's preschool teacher that I will send in to school and one that is just a spare.

This year I am doing my December Daily project as a 7x7 Blurb book. I'm designing 7x7 images in photoshop and then I'll just use each 7x7 image as a page in the book. I'll design the pages with a slight border around the images (probably in white) that way I don't lose part of my text when the book is printed. See all my December Daily Posts.

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